Nikon d90 Movie - take one

I was all set and ready to use my trusty dvx-100a on my upcoming feature.

Things have changed.

Sitting here in my lap is the new Nikon D-90.

More to come.....


Christopher said...

Hello there, thanks for the posts! I'm excited to see what you come up with, we're considering doing the same thing - have a lot of shots that we might need to steal in NYC, and it'd be a lot easier to tote this and some Zeiss glass around than any HD rig. Also the DOF, and the emotional quality seems amazing.

What are your thoughts on using this camera for the big screen?

We're between this camera, and waiting for the Scarlet to come out. Thanks! And best of luck with the film.

linde said...

What about the 5 min capture limit? And what is your capture workflow? Capture to SD card? Or direclty to harddrive?

Thanks! Nice stuff btw. Great work.

- LB