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VFX tests

vfx test one from MOVIE GUY on Vimeo.

vfx test two from MOVIE GUY on Vimeo.




1. You will need a manual lens or use the trick I posted earlier.

2. Open the lens to it's widest aperture. This forces the ISO down.

3. Turn on the live view.

4. Zoom completely in with the zoom/qual button.

5. Point the camera at a white card or light colored illuminated object.

6. close the aperture click by click and evaluate the noise. (If it's noisy at the widest aperture, add more light to your scene.)

7. When noise begins to appear, stop and open the aperture until the image is noise free and press the AE-L button.

8. Zoom back out and evaluate your scene.

8. If you would like share this information with other communities, please do so by linking directly to this page. Thank you.


Nikon D90 - bring the noise

Nikon D90

OK, I finally have an understanding of how I achieved low noise with the Nikon d90.

Here is a test video.

Up next, my secret recipe....

Noise Buster from MOVIE GUY on Vimeo.


D90 - off topic

In the future, I will be adding free tutorials to this site. I have posted a poll at the top/right of the page. Let me know what interests you most.

More Nikon D90 footage to come!

NIKON D90 - a day at the mall

Stealing shots was never this easy!

Normally, when you take a video camera into a store, the manager will shut you down and tell you a bunch of crap about corporate policy. Apparently these polices don't apply to the D90. At one point I actually had store employees ducking out of the way and apologizing for getting in my shot.

I did have a few issues with noise, but I think I have it sorted out. This camera forces you to think organically. It doesn't tell you what shutter or ISO your shooting. Although, I do have a trick to control the exposure manually.

I used the Tamron 28-75 2.8 for both videos. This is an automatic lens that has a manual aperture ring. If your lens has this ring, you can stop rotating just before the it clicks when attaching it to the camera. Now you have a manual lens!

My Tolernt Girlfriend from MOVIE GUY on Vimeo.


I think I have it figured out!

Sorry for not posting last night. I ran into some issues with noise and needed to sort it out.

Full Nikon D90 camera review to come...


Busy Day

Today is hectic. I'm trying to make time for some lighting tests with dolly movement. I have a photo shoot at 4:00pm and a pre-production meeting at 7:00. Fear not, I will try to post results tonight.


NIKON D90 TAKE TWO: testing,testing, and more testing

After a long day of testing Nikon's d90, one thing is certain. This little camera kicks ass.
This is so much better than sticking a dof adapter on the end of a video camera. The images are rendered beautifully and problems such as dust are no longer a concern. Oh, and lets not forget the simplicity of this rig. Select your lens, turn on the camera and go. OK, it's not quite that simple, but well get more in depth tomorrow.

Below is a video to hold you over.


Pizza with the nikon d-90 from MOVIE GUY on Vimeo.

Nikon d90 Movie - take one

I was all set and ready to use my trusty dvx-100a on my upcoming feature.

Things have changed.

Sitting here in my lap is the new Nikon D-90.

More to come.....